DVL, Guy Forsyth feat. members of The Hoax (US / UK)

DVL – Paying Tribute To The Music of LESTER BUTLER & THE RED DEVILS

At the Blue Rock Festival in Tegelen, The Netherlands 1994, Los Angeles band The Red Devils with the charismatic singer / harmonica player Lester Butler, among the absolute headliners. Further down on the poster found the two up and coming young names; Guy Forsyth from Austin Texas and the English power unit The Hoax. Two bands who were both deeply inspired by just Lester Butler and The The Red Devils energetic, anarchistic and slightly punky approach to the blues.


In 1998, Lester Butler died from a 'speedball' overdose, and in the wake thereof, there has been established a series of tribute bands, which of you can still find some pieces playing in Holland. But with the intercontinental DVL project here, must be said to have created the most compelling tribute to date.


A project that sees the light in 2013, when at the festival in Tegelen, they again became the focal point. Here are both the Guy Forsyth and The Hoax namely again on the poster, and after a brief encounter backstage, where they share memories of their first appearance at the festival and their shared fascination with The Red Devils, they decide that Guy Forsyth must be on an encore with the Hoax. And the choice of song was The Red Devils 'Going To The Church' which they provide with an unprecedented energy and authority.


The reaction and interaction it created, both between band and audience, and between the musicians on stage, almost dictated a repetition at a time. And the repetition is happening now here in September, when they again return to the festival in Tegelen. But this time together as DVL, with Guy Forsyth in front and Jon Amor, Mark Barrett and Robin Davey from The Hoax. Together they deliver a DYNAMITE SHOW, consisting of merciless Red Devils classics, supplemented with numbers from Lester Butler's brief solo career.