The Pocket Players (DK)

"Throw Your Dog A Bone" Release Concert

They describe it as Progressive Blues, and I can go for that but will also include unique and captivating.

Since I heard the "Acid Blue Horizon" album, and the concerts, I have been a big fan of this unique sounding blues quartet. Therefore I have been awaiting the next album with big anticipation.

Finally it is here, and me and my camera had the great pleasure of attending the gig in Bygningen Vejle 17/12-2016, where Te Pocket Players stopped by to present the new album "Throw Your Dog A Bone". 

Please take a tour through the photos via clicking the photos in this blog post or by clicking the collection button below.

I also produced 2 video clips of the show, which I included here to. Feel free to have a look at the YouTube channel via the button too.