Esben Just Trio - Video (DK)

A few videos from this evening

I shoot a few videos from this groovy evening. Unfortunately the sound pressure level was right at the maximum of what my recorder and mics could handle.

I managed to recover the audio from 2 videos, and here they are (there is still a bit of distortion, I know).

Esben Just Trio (DK)

Groove, joy of playing and peace in the valley.

These are some of the keywords that describe this trio.

No matter how you look at it ,Esben Just has always been the guarantor of a swinging, uplifting and entertaining experience from the stage. Musical drive, engaging hooks and singalong as the hearts aglows.

And so it continues also in 2015. Niels Ratzer on drums and Ole Skipper on bass, nothing is impossible and everything achievable when the trio goes on stage to hit the beat and the crowd just where it does best. Namely, in the heart.

Esben has his own unique way of playing, and it is greatly influenced from the streets of New Orleans.

Esben was accompanied by Ole Skipper on bass. Esben has been playing with Ole for many years, in the trio SP, Just, Frost and later Skipper, Just, Frost.

On drums we were witness to a danish drummer legend, in the form of Niels Ratzer.  

As a special guest this evening, the audience was blessed with the presence of one of the best Danish female jazz vocal performers (in my opinion), Margrete Grarup. She and the band performed "Walk with me Lord" and "You are my sunshine".

I hope all the concert attendees felt the same joy and energy, that I did.

Peace in the valley to y'all...