Memo Gonzalez and The Özdemirs

Finally I am ready with my photos from this power packed concert (a minor pc incident slowed me down).

What a performer Memo Gonzales is! He really delivered a punch with his Golf Coast Texas style blues.

The Özdemirs delivered the backing power to support Memo, and like always they did it very persuasive. You guys ROCK (Blues I mean). Næste gang Erkan :-)  

Thomas Feldmann must have a word here to, because WHERE did this guy learn to play the Saxophone like that. Holy molly this guy showed a few tricks.

Memo Gonzalez (USA)
 - Song / Bluesharp
Erkan Özdemir (D)
 - Bass guitar
Kenan Özdemir (D)
 - Blues guitar / kor
Levent Özdemir (D)
 - Drums / Choir
Thomas Feldmann (D)
 - Saxophone

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Memo Gonzales and the Özdemirs / Big O & the Blue Quarters

Double concert @ Crossroads Vejle tonight!

Memo Gonzalez & The Özdemirs

Foto © Michel Verlinden

Foto © Michel Verlinden

Take cover folks! Here comes a 300-pound Tex-Mex dynamite party machine that hits audiences harder than Mike Tysons right hook. And it is not unlikely that Memo Gonzalez & The Özdemirs' explosive, earthquake-inducing combination of authentic Texas Roadhouse blues with swing and rock 'n' roll influences can be measured on the Richter scale!

Besides the music, then Memo's action also guarantees the "one hell of a live performance." The BIG Texan delivers an energetic stage show that makes even a young Elvis look like a lifeless statue. With the bass down on your knees (almost ankles), one finds Erkan Özdemir and on the swinging drums, Levent Özdemir. Last man is the team's guitarist Kenan Özdemir.
Anchorman The Özdemirs's father, Erkan Özdemir, known as "The Mad Turk" and the big rocking bass player with the low-hanging bass. Altogether a highly competent rhythm section that is used as the backing of many touring American soloists these years. In February we also had The Özdemirs on stage - as backing for Kirk Fletcher (USA).


Big O & The Blue Quarters

Foto: Ukendt (

Foto: Ukendt (

Big O & The Blue Quarters which takes origin in the blues as it came up through the 40's and 50.
The inspiration partly from Chicago; Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Elmore James and Sonny Boy Willamson, but also from the West Coast Jump Blues scenes where "cats" as Bill Jennings, Tiny Grimes and Goree Carter beat their folds.
Big O & The Blue Quarters is a band with soul and history, despite a low average age, one of Denmark's most talented blues bands.

I'm sure there is a party going down @ Crossroads Vejle tonight!