Laugesen All Stars Feat. Margrete Grarup

What a performance, and I mean from each and every band member!

This performance was a tribute to Birgitte Laugesen you could say. Birgitte was supposed to be on the stage this evening, but sadly she suddenly was taken from her loved ones.

In the spirit og Birgitte Laugesen, the band pushed on to find a replacement for their 2016 schedule, and I for one was thrilled to hear that Margrete Grarup was the one that took up the task.

All of the musicians in this band constellation, are among the very best i Danmark, and believe me when I say, that it showed in all and every way!   

The band:

Uffe Steen - Guitar

Palle Hjorth - Organ

Niels Mathiasen - Saxophone

Niels "Nello" Mogensen - Bass, vocal

Esben Bach - Drums, vocal

Margrete Grarup - Lead vocal


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Mike Andersen - Live 2015

Today I had the great pleasure of receiving a super deluxe Blues live album from one of the absolute best local Danish Blues musicians. 

The reason was that one of my photos was chosen for the cover. 


Mike Andersen - Live from the "Home Tour" 2015

Mike Andersen - Live 2015

Mike Andersen - Live 2015

I had the big pleasure of attending one of the tours concerts, where I shot a complete concert series. 

One of these pictures was chosen to be the back cover of this super album. I am very proud that this photo now has been printet on one of the best Danish blues releases this year. 

Back Cover photo by

Back Cover photo by

IF you haven't attended one of Mike Andersen and band concerts in 2015, then please go ahead in 2016. I guarantee you, that you won't regret it. They deliver in bucket loads. Great songs from an über cool band, and Mike just serves it all with a feeling that just hits you deep inside. 

Big Creek Slim and Band (DK)

Big Creek and the Boys did it again!

There just some autenticity to Big Creek Slim and this band, that just digs right in to my soul. Every time I attend one of his concerts, I have a footstompin' Mississippi rythm going on for weeks after. This is just one Blues roots performer you need to experience if you're into the roots style Blues.

Big Creek Slim himself has a powerfull full bodied voice and plays the guitar in a dirty and genuine way.

The band was as follows:

Harp: Peter Nande

Bass: Paul Junior

Piano: Christian Bundgaard

Drums: Mikko Peltola


PS. I will be updating this post with a few videos from the gig at a later time, so stay tuned.

John Primer Concert - Crossroads Vejle 27/9-2014

I had the great pleasure of attending this concert with one the old great Chicago guitar slingers.

I brought my Nikon D700 and had a real nice time shooting before and during the concert. Mr. John Primer arrived very late to the venue due to a long flight down from northern Norway. He sat down for a few minutes to zone in, and thereafter took his guitar and started tuning. 

It was a unik experience as Mr. John Primer went on stage and showed the audience what a great and original blues player he still is. This was one of those blues concert moments you come across to seldom.

Thank you all for an evening I never will forget.