Cph. Blues Brothers @ Crossroads Vejle

Jake and Elwood Blues stopped by at Crossroads Vejle.

Cph Blues Brothers 27-1-2018-41.jpg

I don't know if Jake and Elwood still are trying to raise the 5000$ for the orphanage, or if they just drove straight from Wazapamani Lake to Vejle to have a party, but 1 thing is for sure, a party it was!

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The audience where even lucky that the Brothers once again escaped the police during the show, and made it back to finish the party properly!

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Erja Lyytinen (FIN)

The Nordic Queen of Blues

Take a blues traditionalist, and mix this with an innovative graduate of the Music Academy, serve with skills and a garnish of Nordic beauty. What do you get? Singer / guitarist Erja Lyytinen, alias "The Finnish slide goddess" (The Blues Magazine).

Erja Lyytinen was 15 years old the first time she was in a recording studio, she has been a promising star in her home country and an integral part of the international blues scene. She has recorded nine studio albums in places as diverse as Helsinki, Memphis and Clarksdale, Mississippi, and received numerous awards and honors along the way.

Lyytinen feel equally at home in the traditional and the modern blues and has never been afraid to incorporate styles such as jazz, pop and soul. Even a motherhood has not slowed her: Her Elmore James tribute album from 2014, "The Sky Is Crying" - recorded shortly before she gave birth to twins - it has become internationally acclaimed as best and most bluesy album to date. "Erja has seemingly achieved the impossible by both sounding like Elmore when he played in the 1950s while adding her own unique flair and style of the 21st century,"  the Blues In Brittain wrote in a glowing review.

Text borrowed from www.crossroads-vejle.dk

DVL, Guy Forsyth feat. members of The Hoax (US / UK)

DVL – Paying Tribute To The Music of LESTER BUTLER & THE RED DEVILS

At the Blue Rock Festival in Tegelen, The Netherlands 1994, Los Angeles band The Red Devils with the charismatic singer / harmonica player Lester Butler, among the absolute headliners. Further down on the poster found the two up and coming young names; Guy Forsyth from Austin Texas and the English power unit The Hoax. Two bands who were both deeply inspired by just Lester Butler and The The Red Devils energetic, anarchistic and slightly punky approach to the blues.


In 1998, Lester Butler died from a 'speedball' overdose, and in the wake thereof, there has been established a series of tribute bands, which of you can still find some pieces playing in Holland. But with the intercontinental DVL project here, must be said to have created the most compelling tribute to date.


A project that sees the light in 2013, when at the festival in Tegelen, they again became the focal point. Here are both the Guy Forsyth and The Hoax namely again on the poster, and after a brief encounter backstage, where they share memories of their first appearance at the festival and their shared fascination with The Red Devils, they decide that Guy Forsyth must be on an encore with the Hoax. And the choice of song was The Red Devils 'Going To The Church' which they provide with an unprecedented energy and authority.


The reaction and interaction it created, both between band and audience, and between the musicians on stage, almost dictated a repetition at a time. And the repetition is happening now here in September, when they again return to the festival in Tegelen. But this time together as DVL, with Guy Forsyth in front and Jon Amor, Mark Barrett and Robin Davey from The Hoax. Together they deliver a DYNAMITE SHOW, consisting of merciless Red Devils classics, supplemented with numbers from Lester Butler's brief solo career.

Hans Theessink and Knud Møller (NL / DK)

SOLD OUT Concert!

At last I got the time to finish this collection set from a great concert with Hans Theessink and Knud Møller.

The audience were entertained in every way and so was I. These two skilled guitar players know their stuff, and the great playing is topped off with a few stories from a well traveled Hans Theessink.

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Laugesen All Stars Feat. Margrete Grarup

What a performance, and I mean from each and every band member!

This performance was a tribute to Birgitte Laugesen you could say. Birgitte was supposed to be on the stage this evening, but sadly she suddenly was taken from her loved ones.

In the spirit og Birgitte Laugesen, the band pushed on to find a replacement for their 2016 schedule, and I for one was thrilled to hear that Margrete Grarup was the one that took up the task.

All of the musicians in this band constellation, are among the very best i Danmark, and believe me when I say, that it showed in all and every way!   

The band:

Uffe Steen - Guitar

Palle Hjorth - Organ

Niels Mathiasen - Saxophone

Niels "Nello" Mogensen - Bass, vocal

Esben Bach - Drums, vocal

Margrete Grarup - Lead vocal


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Esben Just Trio - Video (DK)

A few videos from this evening

I shoot a few videos from this groovy evening. Unfortunately the sound pressure level was right at the maximum of what my recorder and mics could handle.

I managed to recover the audio from 2 videos, and here they are (there is still a bit of distortion, I know).

Esben Just Trio (DK)

Groove, joy of playing and peace in the valley.

These are some of the keywords that describe this trio.

No matter how you look at it ,Esben Just has always been the guarantor of a swinging, uplifting and entertaining experience from the stage. Musical drive, engaging hooks and singalong as the hearts aglows.

And so it continues also in 2015. Niels Ratzer on drums and Ole Skipper on bass, nothing is impossible and everything achievable when the trio goes on stage to hit the beat and the crowd just where it does best. Namely, in the heart.

Esben has his own unique way of playing, and it is greatly influenced from the streets of New Orleans.

Esben was accompanied by Ole Skipper on bass. Esben has been playing with Ole for many years, in the trio SP, Just, Frost and later Skipper, Just, Frost.

On drums we were witness to a danish drummer legend, in the form of Niels Ratzer.  

As a special guest this evening, the audience was blessed with the presence of one of the best Danish female jazz vocal performers (in my opinion), Margrete Grarup. She and the band performed "Walk with me Lord" and "You are my sunshine".

I hope all the concert attendees felt the same joy and energy, that I did.

Peace in the valley to y'all...

Memo Gonzalez and The Özdemirs

Finally I am ready with my photos from this power packed concert (a minor pc incident slowed me down).

What a performer Memo Gonzales is! He really delivered a punch with his Golf Coast Texas style blues.

The Özdemirs delivered the backing power to support Memo, and like always they did it very persuasive. You guys ROCK (Blues I mean). Næste gang Erkan :-)  

Thomas Feldmann must have a word here to, because WHERE did this guy learn to play the Saxophone like that. Holy molly this guy showed a few tricks.

Memo Gonzalez (USA)
 - Song / Bluesharp
Erkan Özdemir (D)
 - Bass guitar
Kenan Özdemir (D)
 - Blues guitar / kor
Levent Özdemir (D)
 - Drums / Choir
Thomas Feldmann (D)
 - Saxophone

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Robert Johnson Tribute

What a great evening @ Crossroads, Bygningen Vejle.

Some of the best Danish blues interpreters, joined forces @ Crossroads Vejle to take the audience on a guided tour into the Robert Johnson catalog.

It was a very laid back evening where the musicians had a bit of fun too :-)

Troels Jensen, Hans Knudsen, Kenn Lending, H.P. Lange and Nisse Thorbjørn, they all had they're go at the old Robert Johnson tunes.

Big Creek Slim and Band (DK)

Big Creek and the Boys did it again!

There just some autenticity to Big Creek Slim and this band, that just digs right in to my soul. Every time I attend one of his concerts, I have a footstompin' Mississippi rythm going on for weeks after. This is just one Blues roots performer you need to experience if you're into the roots style Blues.

Big Creek Slim himself has a powerfull full bodied voice and plays the guitar in a dirty and genuine way.

The band was as follows:

Harp: Peter Nande

Bass: Paul Junior

Piano: Christian Bundgaard

Drums: Mikko Peltola


PS. I will be updating this post with a few videos from the gig at a later time, so stay tuned.