Ole Frimer Band @ HQ Aarhus

Yet another first time concert experience.

Ole Frimer Band @ HQ

Ole Frimer Band @ HQ

Ole Frimer Band's "Blå Lys" CD release has been a steady disc in my players in the last couple of months. It has really taken me and the songs have evolved with every listening session at home or in the car. Therefore, also this time around, I had been looking very much forward to going to this gig at the HQ in Aarhus.

I was'nt disapointed! The band members all really managed to create the same atmosphere as on the studio recordings from the "Blå Lys" CD release. Great job!

1st set was all the songs from the CD, and served in the same order as well. 2nd set was a mix off English spoken songs.

I would really urge all to go out and buy the "Blå Lys" album, or at least listen to it on Spotify. The album has been praised by alot of critics, and i concour as well.

Band members are: Ole Frimer (Vocals, Guitar), Palle Hjorth (Organ, Keyboard), Jesper Bylling (Bass), Claus Daugaard (Drums).