Walter Trout (US)

Walter Trout is BACK....

I am so thrilled that I got invited to shot this concert. Walter Trout and his boy(s), impressed me soo much, and I believe this performance flew straight into my TOP 3 blues live shows!

Walter Trout showed us all, how great a blues man and guitar player he is. For my part, I also learned that he also masters a great vocal, and after listening to the songs from his new album "Battle Scars", I am taken by his songwriting skills. I know this album is very special, as Walter wrote it during his waiting for a liver transplant, where he at last cheated death. I will have to dive in to he's back catalog from here on.

The rest of the band, including his son Jon Trout, did an amazing job too.

Walter Trout - Guitar, Vocal

Samuel Avila - Keyboard, Vocal

Johnny Griparic - Bass, Vocal

Michael Leasure - Drums

Jon Trout - Guest on Guitar


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A few videos from the concert will be finished during the next few weeks, so stay tuned...

Memo Gonzalez and The Özdemirs

Finally I am ready with my photos from this power packed concert (a minor pc incident slowed me down).

What a performer Memo Gonzales is! He really delivered a punch with his Golf Coast Texas style blues.

The Özdemirs delivered the backing power to support Memo, and like always they did it very persuasive. You guys ROCK (Blues I mean). Næste gang Erkan :-)  

Thomas Feldmann must have a word here to, because WHERE did this guy learn to play the Saxophone like that. Holy molly this guy showed a few tricks.

Memo Gonzalez (USA)
 - Song / Bluesharp
Erkan Özdemir (D)
 - Bass guitar
Kenan Özdemir (D)
 - Blues guitar / kor
Levent Özdemir (D)
 - Drums / Choir
Thomas Feldmann (D)
 - Saxophone

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Memo Gonzales and the Özdemirs / Big O & the Blue Quarters

Double concert @ Crossroads Vejle tonight!

Memo Gonzalez & The Özdemirs

Foto © Michel Verlinden

Foto © Michel Verlinden

Take cover folks! Here comes a 300-pound Tex-Mex dynamite party machine that hits audiences harder than Mike Tysons right hook. And it is not unlikely that Memo Gonzalez & The Özdemirs' explosive, earthquake-inducing combination of authentic Texas Roadhouse blues with swing and rock 'n' roll influences can be measured on the Richter scale!

Besides the music, then Memo's action also guarantees the "one hell of a live performance." The BIG Texan delivers an energetic stage show that makes even a young Elvis look like a lifeless statue. With the bass down on your knees (almost ankles), one finds Erkan Özdemir and on the swinging drums, Levent Özdemir. Last man is the team's guitarist Kenan Özdemir.
Anchorman The Özdemirs's father, Erkan Özdemir, known as "The Mad Turk" and the big rocking bass player with the low-hanging bass. Altogether a highly competent rhythm section that is used as the backing of many touring American soloists these years. In February we also had The Özdemirs on stage - as backing for Kirk Fletcher (USA).


Big O & The Blue Quarters

Foto: Ukendt (

Foto: Ukendt (

Big O & The Blue Quarters which takes origin in the blues as it came up through the 40's and 50.
The inspiration partly from Chicago; Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Elmore James and Sonny Boy Willamson, but also from the West Coast Jump Blues scenes where "cats" as Bill Jennings, Tiny Grimes and Goree Carter beat their folds.
Big O & The Blue Quarters is a band with soul and history, despite a low average age, one of Denmark's most talented blues bands.

I'm sure there is a party going down @ Crossroads Vejle tonight!

Robert Johnson Tribute

What a great evening @ Crossroads, Bygningen Vejle.

Some of the best Danish blues interpreters, joined forces @ Crossroads Vejle to take the audience on a guided tour into the Robert Johnson catalog.

It was a very laid back evening where the musicians had a bit of fun too :-)

Troels Jensen, Hans Knudsen, Kenn Lending, H.P. Lange and Nisse Thorbjørn, they all had they're go at the old Robert Johnson tunes.

Big Creek Slim and Band (DK)

Big Creek and the Boys did it again!

There just some autenticity to Big Creek Slim and this band, that just digs right in to my soul. Every time I attend one of his concerts, I have a footstompin' Mississippi rythm going on for weeks after. This is just one Blues roots performer you need to experience if you're into the roots style Blues.

Big Creek Slim himself has a powerfull full bodied voice and plays the guitar in a dirty and genuine way.

The band was as follows:

Harp: Peter Nande

Bass: Paul Junior

Piano: Christian Bundgaard

Drums: Mikko Peltola


PS. I will be updating this post with a few videos from the gig at a later time, so stay tuned.

Blues Jam by Tony Vega & Kai Strauss

Today I had the opportunity to shot at a Blues Jam that was arranged by Bygningen Vejle (Bjarne Rask), Tony Vega (US) and Kai Strauss (DE).

This was a unique experience and I had a blast! This was simply one of my best "concert" moments ever. 

The Blues just oozed out from every participant.

I am working on a slideshow with pictures and audio from this event, so subscribe belov if you want the word when it is ready.

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Hans Theessink & Knud Møller (NL/DK)

En aften med 2 af de absolut bedste akustiske guitarister. Hans Theessink's varme dybe stemme og gode (næsten perfektionistiske) guitar spil og Knud Møller's ligeså, fyldte i aften Bygningen i Vejle med god karma og lækkert ørekræs. 

Jeg har fulgt både Hans og Knud (deres musik) i mange år hvor jeg altid har elsket Hans's helt egen lyd samt perfekte lyd kvalitet på sine mange udgivelser, som også har prydet min samling. Knud Møller (som guitarist hos Johnny Madsen) har også slidt kraftigt på hi-fi alteret i mit hjem. Af den grund er det også en stor fornøjelse at svinge kameraet, samt få lov til at høre dem begge denne aften. 

Det blev som forventet en super aften, hvor de 2 guitar virtuoso cementerede hvorfor jeg i så lang tid har næret så stor respekt for dem. 

De formåede også at få en stopfyldt sal i Bygningen til at synge med på mange af sangene. Ud fra deltagernes engagement i diverse omkvæd, er jeg 100% sikker på vi alle havde en fantastisk aften (måske lige med undtagelse af ham der ikke fik hørt sangen "Mississippi").

Herunder finder du 2 numre som jeg optagede denne aften.

Besøg Hans Theessink og Knud Møller på linkene herunder, samt hop direkte til foto fra aftenen med knappen Collection.

Viggo Sommer and his Backhowlers @ Byens Hus, Jelling

Fantastisk aften med Viggo, NO og Ulrik.

Hyggen spreder sig og Ulrik går stille igennem den energisk summende cafe, folk hygger sig åbenlyst og så lyder saxofonen, og hvilken saxofon. Ulrik Bust besider en fantastisk kontrol over dette hæst lydende messing instrument, og det er klart et af mine favorit instrumenter hvilket det lykkedes Ulrik at stadfæste denne aften.

Ulrik "Blowjob" Bust

Ulrik "Blowjob" Bust

Viggo og NO står tilbagetrukket klar i baggrunden, mens publikum venter på at Ulriks vellyd klinger af.

Viggo Sommer i skyggen

Viggo Sommer i skyggen

Herfra bevæger vi os fra det ene gode musiske indslag til det andet, hvor Viggo og drengene konstant kobler den gode lune humor på og imellem.

Viggo og NO

Viggo og NO

Jeg er overbevist om at vi alle havde en fantastisk aften hvor gutterne fik imponeret os alle med deres suveræne spil og de lune jokes og røverhistorier.

Der hilses på fotografen (midt under koncerten naturligvis)

Der hilses på fotografen (midt under koncerten naturligvis)

Viggo Sommer

Guitar, bas, sang, snak m.m.

NO “snild å æ finger” Thorning

Piano, orgel, harmonika m.m.

Ulrik “Blowjob” Bust

saxofon, mundharpe m.m.


Tak for en kæmpe oplevelse som stadig varmer her i stuen!


Slå gerne et smut forbi mine video klip herunder

Latvian Blues Band @ Crossroads Vejle

Latvian Blues Band blew the audience away!

Latvian Blues Band - Janis "Bux" Bukovski, guitar & vocals

Latvian Blues Band - Janis "Bux" Bukovski, guitar & vocals

This band is so impressive in any way you can imagine. What they deliver in a live performance is simply amazing. A few minuts in and you can see how well structured and professional Blues men they all are. They where able to grap the complete audience and start a  good ole party right away.

The band members are:

Janis "Bux" Bukovski (guitar & vocals), Marcis Kalnins (bass), Rolands "Rolx" Saulietis (drums), Artis Locmelis (sax, organ, piano), Viesturs Grapmanis (trumpet) and Jonatans Racenajs (guitar).

Marcis Kalnins (bass)

Marcis Kalnins (bass)

For me it was just an amazing performance, and I really that they in someway reminded me of "Blues Brothers", but not in the copying kind of way, but rather in their own way.

Latvian Blues Band - Janis "Bux" Bukovski, guitar & vocals

Latvian Blues Band - Janis "Bux" Bukovski, guitar & vocals

"Bux" knows his way around entertaining the audience in every possible way. He jumps of the stage and mingles with the audience and even flirts with the women while singing and playing the guitar. They really threw a party and we where all invited.

I will not be missing, when the Latvian Blues Band comes around next time.

Esben Just @ Bygningen Vejle

Esben Just - Helt Normal, Solopiano & fortællinger

Esben Just - Pressefoto

Esben Just - Pressefoto

Jeg havde fornøjelsen af at detage i Esben Just's show "Helt Normal, Solopiano & fortællinger" ved spillestedet Bygningen i Vejle.

Det var en super intim aften hvor vi kunne nyde Esben's færdigheder på piano, hvor spændet gik fra klassisk musik til boggie og danske national skatte. Det var en ovenud god aften hvor der blev grinet og (næsten) grædt. 

Vi oplevede at være til Mardi Gras i New Orleans, at nøgenbade blandt børn og sarte sjæle, og var en tur på vandet, hvor vi alle følte os som danskere. Alle disse fortællinger blev på medlevende vis fortalt og bakket op af Esben's solo performance ved piano'et.

En ovenud dejlig aften med Esben Just i Bygningen, Vejle. 

Ole Frimer Band @ HQ Aarhus

Yet another first time concert experience.

Ole Frimer Band @ HQ

Ole Frimer Band @ HQ

Ole Frimer Band's "Blå Lys" CD release has been a steady disc in my players in the last couple of months. It has really taken me and the songs have evolved with every listening session at home or in the car. Therefore, also this time around, I had been looking very much forward to going to this gig at the HQ in Aarhus.

I was'nt disapointed! The band members all really managed to create the same atmosphere as on the studio recordings from the "Blå Lys" CD release. Great job!

1st set was all the songs from the CD, and served in the same order as well. 2nd set was a mix off English spoken songs.

I would really urge all to go out and buy the "Blå Lys" album, or at least listen to it on Spotify. The album has been praised by alot of critics, and i concour as well.

Band members are: Ole Frimer (Vocals, Guitar), Palle Hjorth (Organ, Keyboard), Jesper Bylling (Bass), Claus Daugaard (Drums).