Erja Lyytinen (FIN)

The Nordic Queen of Blues

Take a blues traditionalist, and mix this with an innovative graduate of the Music Academy, serve with skills and a garnish of Nordic beauty. What do you get? Singer / guitarist Erja Lyytinen, alias "The Finnish slide goddess" (The Blues Magazine).

Erja Lyytinen was 15 years old the first time she was in a recording studio, she has been a promising star in her home country and an integral part of the international blues scene. She has recorded nine studio albums in places as diverse as Helsinki, Memphis and Clarksdale, Mississippi, and received numerous awards and honors along the way.

Lyytinen feel equally at home in the traditional and the modern blues and has never been afraid to incorporate styles such as jazz, pop and soul. Even a motherhood has not slowed her: Her Elmore James tribute album from 2014, "The Sky Is Crying" - recorded shortly before she gave birth to twins - it has become internationally acclaimed as best and most bluesy album to date. "Erja has seemingly achieved the impossible by both sounding like Elmore when he played in the 1950s while adding her own unique flair and style of the 21st century,"  the Blues In Brittain wrote in a glowing review.

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