Walter Trout (US)

Walter Trout is BACK....

I am so thrilled that I got invited to shot this concert. Walter Trout and his boy(s), impressed me soo much, and I believe this performance flew straight into my TOP 3 blues live shows!

Walter Trout showed us all, how great a blues man and guitar player he is. For my part, I also learned that he also masters a great vocal, and after listening to the songs from his new album "Battle Scars", I am taken by his songwriting skills. I know this album is very special, as Walter wrote it during his waiting for a liver transplant, where he at last cheated death. I will have to dive in to he's back catalog from here on.

The rest of the band, including his son Jon Trout, did an amazing job too.

Walter Trout - Guitar, Vocal

Samuel Avila - Keyboard, Vocal

Johnny Griparic - Bass, Vocal

Michael Leasure - Drums

Jon Trout - Guest on Guitar


Please go ahead and look at some of my pictures from this great concert, by clicking the Collection button below.

A few videos from the concert will be finished during the next few weeks, so stay tuned...