Søren Ladegaard     Photo & Music Lover.

Welcome, my name is Søren Ladegaard.

There is a lot that could be said about me and my life up until now. I am a husband to my wife and a farther to my girls.  I live in Børkop, Denmark and I'm a person with many interests or you could say passions.                    Music and Photography are 2 of my main passions, and on this website I will show what results comes out of me combining these passions.

I enjoy music a lot and spend quite some time listening to music. I am especially fond of the Blues and Classic Rock genres, but I listen to almost every genre out there, as long as its makes me "feel" something.

Photography wise I am what you could call a Pro Amateur. Photography is not my living in any way, but I really enjoy spending time "working" with it in my spare time.

"All the blues greats took chances and developed their own style. They didn't copy." Robert Cray

Please don't copy without asking either ;-)


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